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Amanda Darby

There was no one moment, one door or one decision that got me into the industry  - Truth is -  In my head I have always been here.

I was a quiet and introspective kid, but my imagination was huge – fuelled by an unrelenting torrent of books and films. I do remember the exciting moment though, when I first realised that people actually made these things…that it was a real career. 

Makinarium is the next step of that journey for me. Forever learning, forever growing and continuing to have the best adventures with my friends. 

Jet Cooper

This path all began when I was eight and I saw Star Wars for the first time... I wasn't sure how, but that's what I wanted to do!

I have been a professional 3D modeller now for over thirty years.

I model and concept, specialising in 3D with fabrication in mind. My role as head of 3D and creative director is often aimed at generating hero props - vehicles - creatures etc.

I joined Makinarium due to our fresh ethos. We are a group of seasoned, professional artists who have united - each bringing their own set of skills to the team, to create cool gear...

Robin Lawrence

My obsession for model making and film began with Ray Harryhausen films of the 70’s and 80’s. I couldn’t believe such cool jobs really existed.

I’ve been model making, sculpting and designing for 24 years. I initially trained as a silversmith and metal worker, then moved in to architectural sculpture and interior design - on projects all the over the world, then eventually into film, working up through the ranks, achieving my first production designer credit in 2018.

Makinarium is a privilege, an opportunity to work alongside some of the people that have inspired me over the last 10 years.


Adam Harris

I have been involved in the film industry since 2001 when I started as

a workshop assistant. I have been a model maker, prop maker and a mould maker.

I’ve worked on films and TV ranging from James Bond to Star Wars.

I bought my first Desktop 3D printer back in 2014 and was instantly hooked.
I was lucky enough to join a company that had large scale 3D printers providing printed parts big or small for the film industry.

Printing parts for a variety of movies from Guardians of the Galaxy to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

I left the film industry to learn more and to work on different 3D print technologies. Printing parts for the Automotive and Aerospace sector.

The film industry has been such a big part of my life that I felt it was time to return and put my new skills to use.


At Makinarium we have a variety of 3D printers, ranging from small desktop to larger high end printers.

We can print anything from maquettes to hand props, costumes to vehicles, stunt props to hero props.

We are Makinarium

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